• Vote Alex Hilton May 2nd. Your local Labour choice for Coppull

    About me

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my webpage. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about some of the work I have been involved in so far and some plans for the future.


    I am a front line NHS worker and started my career in 1996 as a trainee Radiographer and have proudly worked in the NHS ever since. A few years ago I re-trained as a clinical scientist, a role which I particularly enjoy as it allows me to work directly with patients. Im from a proud working class background and have been very fortunate that the previous Labour government gave me the opportunity to train and progress in my career. I believe in the core principles of my party, equality, social justice and opportunity for all and know it is time for me to give something back to the community and that is why I am standing for election to be your councillor.

    I believe every vote I receive is an honour and a privilege and I promise to do always the best for Coppull. I look forward to working alongside the established Labour councillors and together we will make a real difference to the lives of those we represent.

    Dog Fouling

    Dog fouling in Coppull is one of the most frequently raised issues that I hear on the doorstep and whilst out in the community.


    Your local Labour team are attempting to tackle the problem as best we can by using feedback to effectively deploy dog wardens in the problem areas at appropriate times.


    There is no question that majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up their dog mess, others are not but it’s not always possible to catch them in the act.


    If you feel there is a particular hot spot or you can provide information on the issue please contact myself or your local councillors. We can pass on this information anonymously and take action where appropriate. My email address is alexforcoppull@icloud.com. Together we can help tackle the problem.


    Anti-social Behaviour

    There is no doubt that Coppull is a warm, friendly and welcoming area with a great sense of community but recently there have been an increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour.

    Your local Labour team are fully aware of the incidents and are working with Lindsay Hoyle MP, police and social services in an attempt to overcome this.

    However, times are difficult and Tory cuts to the police, social services and the justice system clearly taking their toll and this is now evident in Coppull. We must fight back therefore we are again actively campaigning for additional police to be located in Coppull.

    Investing in homes and play areas

    Your local Labour Councillors have been working closely with Jigsaw Homes, to deliver improvements to your homes and local area. The Longfield estate is now in its third phase of a £300,000 exterior investment programme. Long awaited improvements include new roofing, cladding and fencing.

    We have been listening to residents concerns about their properties and local area, and have pushed for much needed work, which we’re pleased is now taking place. We will continue to listen to residents to ensure their homes are at the standard expected, and that their landlord continues to invest. Funding from Chorley Council has also been earmarked towards enhancing the open space and play area. Residents living in the local vicinity are being consulted on what improvements they would like to see.

    Coppull Railway Station

    With an expanding population Coppull Labour I believe we need and deserve access to rail services locally without having to travel to Chorley, Adlington or Euxton. Myself and you local Labour councillors have been working with local County Councillor Julia Berry to pursue this project have secured an agreement for a feasibility study to be conducted into a new railway station for Coppull.

    Community Environmental Projects

    Over the last few months, It has been a pleasure to be involved with community environmental projects such as the community orchard off Dickens road. I have worked with Councillor Steve Holgate and Jigsaw Homes to help plant trees and bushes in a previously under-utilised space. The project has involved children and adults alike from the local community and provided both educational and environmental benefits .


    In addition to the orchard on the Poets estate, I have also been involved in planting of trees and bushes in Blainscough nature reserve and the planting of cherry trees at the library. Projects such as these involve all generations of the community in an educational setting as well as providing environmental benefits such as reducing pollution and helping to prevent flooding.

    Campaigning for Road improvements

    Unfortunately some of the roads and pavements in Coppull are falling into disrepair. Tory controlled Lancashire County Council are responsible for the upkeep of the roads and are doing a poor job in Coppull. Not only are the roads poor but many of the drains are blocked and have been for some time. I have been and will continue to report all potholes and blocked drains as well as campaigning for continued improvement. Many of you will have seen me around the village taking pictures of potholes and reporting them to LCC but if you feel there is a particularly problematic area, please e-mail me and let me know.

    Contact me for your local issues

    Please feel free to contact me for any local issues or if you want any more information or to ask me questions.

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