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  • Tory Rail Misery

    Failing Grayling fails passengers again,

    but protects railway bosses!

    • ​The Labour Party has called for a freeze on fares for Northern Rail, and Transpennine Express.
    • Labour believe powers should be given to Transport for the North to cancel the franchise agreement and take the service into public ownership.
    • A fully integrated transport service, including buses, be established in Lancashire in partnership with Transport for the North.

    After months on misery, which saw trains cancelled or re-scheduled resulting in thousands of passengers stranded or late for work. Causing total chaos for traveller's right across Lancashire. Rail fare increase of 3.2% have been announced for rail passengers across the north. Even with cancellations and continuing to hamper rail uses.

    According to research released today by the Trade Union Congress shows that rail fares have increased at more than twice the speed of wages since 2008. Rail fares have risen by 42% over the past ten years, while nominal weekly earnings have only grown by 18%.Cllr Erica Lewis, Lancashire Labour’s spokesperson for Highways and Transport said, “A train fare increase of 3.2% for rail passengers in the north is simply ridiculous. The idea that train companies after costing passenger's time and money because of their inability to plan should be given a fare increase of any amount is just insulting.

    “This fare increase, which the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling could have stopped, clearly says that the government doesn’t care about the pain passengers have suffered, or recognise that over that since 2008 rail fares have increased at more than twice the speed of nominal weekly earnings.”

    “As usual Chris Grayling, is confused about what he can and can’t do in relation to the railway system. He could have frozen fares, but instead has just floated an idea that it’s the fault of the railway workers pay, something he isn’t responsible form, and in true Tory fashion has chosen to attack workers. Yet he has failed to suggest that railway bosses should take a pay cut or even the companies should cover the cost until they get the service right and put passengers before profits. "Were are these train bosses and why aren't they responding to passengers concerns about the service they are supposed to be providing?"

  • Chorley's Pothole Nightmare

    Tory controlled Lancashire County Council are responsible for the roads in Chorley and what a sorry state they are in.

    Pilling Lane

    It is often easier to name a road in Chorley that does not have a pothole. Lancashire County Council are the authority responsible for the state of the roads in Chorley and we believe that they are not doing enough to combat this problem.


    When speaking to residents, our councillors and local campaigners frequently hear complaints about the sorry state of Chorley's roads. Not only are potholes uncomfortable to drive over, they can be a potential safety hazard and cause damage to cars (1). Many residents are also concerned about the quality of the "repairs" that LCC are commissioning. We have been alerted of numerous examples where a pothole "repair" has not lasted and the road surface is as poor, if not worse than it was previously.

  • Councillor Matthew Lynch improves car parking for Astley Village & Park

    A popular car park in Astley Village is to be extended, following a campaign by ward councillor Matthew Lynch.

    Hallgate, a well-used car park by visitors to Astley Park, is to receive an extra 21 car parking spaces after Chorley Council's planning committee gave the green light on the proposal.


    As well as much needed extra spaces, alterations will also see a dedicated pedestrian link to allow better accessibility to the village centre.


    Not only that, Councillor Lynch also ensured conditions were applied to the car park upgrades in which maximum height barriers will be installed to stop HGV access whilst extra litter bins will also be added.


    "This is excellent news," said Matthew.




    "Astley Park is becoming more and more popular with people in the borough as well as people visiting Chorley".


    "The extra car parking spaces will allow more people to visit whilst a pedestrian link will also ensure people can have better access to the village centre."


    "It was an excellent decision by Chorley Council's planning team, I'm delighted the plans have been approved and I look forward to the work starting so more people can enjoy one of the most stunning public parks in Lancashire."

  • Parking in Buckshaw

    Councillor Matthew Lynch explains plans to improve parking at Unity Place

    Congestion and lack of parking continues to be a significant issue at Unity Place in Buckshaw. This is having a detrimental impact on residents living close by. I am continuing my campaign to raise awareness and will be seeking meetings with interested parties at the earliest opportunity to find a resolution.

    At my request Chorley Council convened a meeting of stakeholders to identify the issues. As a result, a plan was drawn up to re-design the current car park which would see an increase of parking spaces this would include developing the central grassed area and alongside this a new road would be created which would run down the opposite side of the Hub. This would enable a one way system to be introduced thus easing congestion and also creating extra parking spaces.

    This plan will need the co-operation of all stakeholders. Lancashire County Council (LCC) who receive S106 monies from developers in Buckshaw will be contacted to see what they can commit to the project, and land would need to be gifted by RMG (Residential Management Group) to enable the road to be developed.

    I am asking residents to support the proposed plan by writing to both LCC and RMG to ask that all efforts are made to achieve a positive outcome.

  • Chorley Council requests flood funding

    Following mass flooding in Chorley borough, the council has formally asked the government to release £1m in funding

    Following yet more mass flooding across Chorley Borough, in particular in the villages of Euxton and Abbey Village, this week Labour controlled Chorley Council have again formally asked the government to release funds owing to the borough from the £1m that Chorley Council spent on the Croston flood relief scheme. We want this mess sorting out once and for all and we want money, which the Tory government is sitting on, to spend on flood defences in problem areas throughout the borough.

  • Buckshaw Youth Provision

    Information from Councillor Matthew Lynch

    Councillor Matthew Lynch explains Chorley Council's plan for future management for youth provision in Buckshaw Village. Click here for the full story.

  • Chorley Labour and Residents of Euxton Win as Appeal by Gladmen Developments is Thrown Out

    Chorley Labour continuously supported the residents of Euxton when the County Council failed them.

    The fight to stop the unwanted housing development on Pear Tree Lane has been won! Local Labour politicians attended the planning inquiry regarding the appeal by Gladman Developments against the council’s decision to refuse outline planning permission for up to 165 dwellings on land between Pear Tree Lane and School Lane in Euxton.

    Danny Gee, Tommy Gray and Matt Lynch unrelentingly registered their absolute opposition to this development, which Chorley Council planning committee rejected earlier this year, as it went against our borough plan.

    Chorley Labour councillors and campaigners were deeply disappointed that Lancashire County Council Highways withdrew their support for residents despite sending a letter as late as June 2017 stating that they would be supporting residents in objecting to this development.

    After the Conservative controlled County Council withdrew their support, Cllr Gee stated, "I am particularly disappointed that our local Conservative County Councillor, Mr Riggott has failed to convince his colleagues in County Hall and Westminster that this unnecessary application should not be opposed fully and that unfortunately he is letting down residents who have been very vocal in their opposition to this site."




    He continued "Chorley is already delivering housing numbers way in excess of any other part of Lancashire and we have over 7 years of housing supply in front of us on planned sites in the area. To develop yet more housing puts pressures on schools, doctors and other vital local services and Chorley and the villages of Euxton, Astley Village and Buckshaw are being left to fight this battle alone in the face of a Conservative government that has ripped up local plans and a County Council that that it appears that residents cannot rely on."



    The Chorley Labour Party are proud to have supported the residents of Euxton and are delighted Gladman Development have lost their appeal to build on this greenfield site.

  • Chorley Goes Live!

    Thousands of people enjoyed a weekend of live entertainment in Chorley as the fifth Chorley Live met huge success.​

    Thousands of people enjoyed a weekend of live entertainment in Chorley as the fifth Chorley Live met huge success.


    Over 10,000 people of all ages attended the reputable two night event in Lancashire and enjoyed music of every genre from jazz to rock in venues ranging from pubs and restaurants to a sweet shop, a bank and a library.


    The event, which is organised by Chorley Council and the Creative Network, saw more than 236 live performances across 30 venues.


    Councillor Peter Wilson, Deputy Leader of Chorley Council, said: “Chorley Live yet again proved to be a fantastic weekend. We had so many wonderful comments from people all over the North West and further afield who came to enjoy the unique music event."

    “Events like this are just one of the many things we’re doing to improve our town centre and make it a place people want to come and visit on a regular basis."

    “It’s given a real boost to the night-time economy and it is so great to see how people can come together and enjoy what Chorley has to offer.”





    The event saw members of the community come together with both businesses and performers positively shocked by the turn out as visitors enjoyed the array of entertainment on offer. Many reported that it was one of the busiest weekends they could remember with visitors having to queue at some of the venues.


    Nigel Stewart, of The Creative Network, and who created the ‘Live’ concept said he was overwhelmed by the success of this year’s event.

    “To have so many people coming into Chorley town centre over two nights is just amazing,” he said.

    “Each year succeeds the last and I must pay tribute to the team of volunteers, the performers and the venues who all work tremendously hard to make the event happen."

    “The acts were again of a terrific standard and it’s just mind-blowing what we could achieve in future years.”

  • Lindsay Hoyle Wins in Chorley! GE2017

    Increased majority for local candidate

    Lindsay Hoyle has been re-elected as MP for Chorley. WIth a stunning 10% increase in the vote and 55% overall Lindsay once again received the overwhelming support of the people of Chorley.

    Get out and Vote, and Get the Vote out on 4 May

    Tough Fight in County Council Elections in Chorley

    The local elections are taking place on 4 May. Contact us below to join the fight against the Tories and increase the number of Labour and Co-operative Party councillors. Read our new Blog > Seven Reasons to Vote Labour

    Chorley Flower Show

    Get your entries in for the 2017 Event

    GARDENING enthusiasts will be able to submit their entries for the award-winning Chorley Flower Show as the amateur section is now open for applications.

    After the phenomenal success of the first two shows Chorley Council is urging gardeners and floral artists of all ages to take the opportunity of entering this year’s event.

    There are new categories this year with everything from roses to begonias and rhubarb to runner beans.

    Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council, said: “We have had tremendous feedback about the flower show and the amateur section has been a real feature over the first two years.
    “We’ve had many people exhibiting at a show for the first time and there’s a real excitement from people about being able to show plants and flowers that they had grown at home.

    “It’d be great to see even more entries this year, particularly from children and people who perhaps haven’t taken part in a show before.
    “We’ve increased the variety of classes based on the feedback we’ve received from exhibitors and visitors and we are bringing the floral art and flower, fruit and vegetable classes together in one marquee.”
    The show burst on to the regional event calendar in 2015 and last year won a prestigious Lancashire Tourism Award, attracting 13,000 people over two days.
    The amateur sections of the show will feature flower, fruit and vegetable classes and a floral art competition. It is free to anyone to enter and it will be judged with cash prizes for first, second and third, with more than 50 classes to choose from.

    The amateur sections are being jointly organised with Chorley and District Gardening Society, which has been hosting shows in the town since 1884.
    David Brown, Chairman of Chorley and District Gardening Society, said: “The flower show continues to be a brilliant success and it has been great to speak to so many new people about what we’re doing and it really has whetted people’s appetite for gardening here in Chorley.
    “We’d really like to encourage first-time exhibitors to take part – one of the pleasures of gardening is sharing it with other people so if you like your garden, other people will love it too.

    “We’ll be hosting a session in the spring to give people hints and tips on how to exhibit but it really is good fun and it’s the ideal time to start planning what you want to enter as we move into spring.

    Chorley Flower Show will take place in Astley Park, on Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 July, and tickets will be on sale in early March.

    You can download a full schedule for the amateur section, which includes the classes and application forms, at chorleyflowershow.com, or call in at the council offices.

    For further information, contact Communications and Events Manager Andrew Daniels on 01257 515265.

    Tories Talking Trash On Bins

    Chorley Labour Leader calls on Tories to tell residents the Truth


    “Chorley Tories need to stop covering up for the Government and support local residents”

    Chorley Labour Party are appalled that Chorley Conservatives are seeking to make political capital from the savage cuts made by the Conservative government locally. They also believe that Chorley Conservatives may have to increase Council Tax massively as part of their own budget proposals.


    On top of cuts to Chorley’s budget of over £3 million imposed by Theresa May’s government, Chorley now faces a further £900,000 shortfall following the cut to recycling from government and are being forced to ask residents to contribute towards the cost of collection of green waste should they choose to opt in to the proposed scheme.


    Chorley Council Leader Alistair Bradley stated:


    “we were amazed that at the Council meeting of 24th January 2017 that Chorley Conservative group brought forward a supposed option in the form of a verbal plan without any paperwork despite having been aware of the proposals for a number of weeks. They refused a number of times to identify the exact amount of savings from their apparently magical solution, and it was only after the meeting has it been confirmed that these savings would be in the order of only £175,000 a year. This leaves a shortfall of over £700,000 per annum to be made up from who knows where. This would equate to a rise of over 10% in the Chorley portion of the Council Tax for every Council Tax payer, which is the only other place I can imagine that Chorley Conservatives will find this kind of funding.“


    Cllr Bradley continued “it appears that Chorley Tories would rather mislead the public of Chorley rather than tell them the hard truths regarding the very real impact of cuts by the Conservative government on the people of Lancashire. At the same meeting Conservative councillors shamefully failed to support a motion asking the government to step in to address the wasteful and expensive STP process currently lining up the NHS for yet another round of re-organisation or worse still privatisation.”



    Cllr Bradley added “Whilst I do not expect our local opposition to publicly criticise their political masters in London, I do expect them to help defend Chorley from the government’s programme of moving vital resources and money from the North to the South of England, and I expect them to at least be honest with Chorley folk. None of us want to pay more for local services, but we should all be well served by our local politicians.”


    A link to the Council’s green waste scheme is included below, although residents do not need to take part as they can compost their own waste or take it to the local tip for free.





    NHS Stall 21 January

    Volunteer Now!

    Following the NHS stall on 21st January we are holding a further NHS campaign session this coming Saturday, 4th February, from 12.00 till 2.00 at the Fazackerley Street side of Chorley Market. Once again we will be collecting signatures on the national Labour petition and handing out leaflets, as well as engaging the public. Please come along if able.

    New: Lindsay Hoyle Hits out at Rail Fares Hike

    Chorley Passengers Stung by Rail Fare Rises of 25%


    Hard working commuters are now paying 25 per cent more for their train fares under this government because of yet another year of rail fare hikes that come into force today.


    The announcement that rail fares will rise again in January 2017 means that passengers in Chorley have been hit by a cost increase of 25% per cent since 2010 when travelling along the Chorley to Salford/Manchester route.


    The new fare rises come into effect this week [Monday 2nd January 2017]. Figures released show that the average cost of an annual season ticket is now £594 more than 2010.


    Lindsay Hoyle MP for Chorley spoke out and said:


    “Passengers in Chorley have been hit again and again by eye-watering rail fare rises. Fares have now rocketed by 27 per cent, nationally and 25% locally far outstripping any increase in most people’s pay packets.


    “For many people here, travelling by train isn’t a luxury, it’s how they get to work every day. The trip to Manchester from Chorley is part of the daily commute.”


    “With these huge fares we need investment in a 21st century railway and to give passengers a stronger voice. In Chorley we’ve seen electrification work but the key to improving the commute long term is new rolling stock to meet the demand. That is my challenge to rail operators in the North West and the government.”






    MP and Council Support Children’s Funerals Funding

    Lindsay Hoyle Calls for action to support families

    News Release from Lindsay Hoyle MP



    Local MP Lindsay Hoyle has called upon Chorley Council to take action to help support families with the cost of children’s funerals.

    Earlier this month the House of Commons debated the matter and proposed that:

    That this House notes that approximately 5,000 infants and children pass away each year in the UK; further notes that the cost of children's funerals imposes a significant and unexpected financial burden on bereaved parents; recognises that some local authorities, as well as religious officiants and undertakers, currently waive all or a proportion of the fees associated with children's funerals; further recognises that many individuals, community groups and schools undertake fundraising to cover such funeral costs; acknowledges that the total annual cost of fees associated with children's funerals is £10 million; and calls on the Government to establish a specific fund, from which local authorities can draw, to pay the costs associated with children's funerals.

    Lindsay Hoyle wrote to Chorley Council asking for details of how the local authority can offer more support. Leader Alistair Bradley was very supportive of the idea and recognized the huge difference it could make to families at the most difficult of times.

    Lindsay Hoyle said:

    “I’m pleased that Labour run Chorley Council has committed to helping families bury their children in council owned cemeteries. The cost to the local authority is really quite small but the impact in our community is huge.”

    Alistair Bradley, Council Leader, said:

    “Whilst the government hasn’t taken any further action or committed to helping families bury their children Chorley Council is happy do so, this is something we should be proud of doing.”


    Chorley Christmas Cheer!

    Hundreds get their skates on in Chorley this Christmas


    CHORLEY’S Christmas got even better at the weekend when this year’s main attraction glided into town to the delight of families.


    On Friday 9 December Chorley’s Flat Iron car park was transformed into a magical winter wonderland for the festive period with the town’s first real ice rink as the centre piece.


    The 60ft by 40ft rink, brought to town by Chorley Council and sponsored by Botany Bay, FI Real Estate Management and Market Walk, was joined by children’s rides and some festive food and drink stalls selling everything from German sausages, hog roast carvery, waffles and treats to mulled wine, cider, hot chocolate and more.

    The rink was opened in spectacular fashion as Birmingham Ice Freestylers came to town to show off their amazing talents with their spectacular show featuring jumps and pirouettes. And from this Friday, 16 December, the ice rink will be joined by Betty’s Tipis who will be bringing a tipi bar experience that’s never been seen in Chorley town centre before.


    Councillor Peter Wilson, who has responsibility for the town centre and events at Chorley Council, said "The real ice rink proved to be really popular over the opening weekend with hundreds of people visiting Chorley to check out the winter wonderland and do Christmas shopping too.

    "What was great to see were lots of smiling faces and families being able to enjoy themselves together on the ice.

    "We also had many people from outside of the borough who are coming to Chorley because of the events we are putting on and that is giving the local economy a boost and hopefully they will be visiting again soon."



    How to Take Part

    All tickets include 45 minutes on the ice and skate hire, with sessions beginning on the hour every hour. Time credits are accepted on the ice rink but are limited to five time credit users per session.

    For the first hour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there will be a Cub Club, where a parent and young child (under 5s) can skate together, which offers a great introduction to ice skating. The price for this session is only £2.50 per person

    There is a fantastic schools offer and group bookings for local community groups and clubs can be made in advance by contacting Chorley Council for details.

    Chorley’s Real Ice Rink is open every day, except Christmas day, until Sunday 8 January.

    The rink is open:

    •          Monday to Thursday 12 noon to 6pm,
    •          Friday 12 noon to 9pm,
    •          Saturdays 10am to 9pm 
    •          Sundays 10am to 6pm.
    •          The only day it will be closed is Christmas day, but will close earlier at 5pm Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

    Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the rink and are priced at:

    •          £6 for adults;
    •          £3 for children under 14 and senior citizens or a
    •          £15 for a family ticket for 4 people (two adults and two children)
    Further information 

    For more information on Chorley’s Winter Wonderland and Christmas in Chorley, visit chorley.gov.uk like Chorley Council on Facebook or follow @ChorleyCouncil on Twitter and @visitchorley on Instagram.



    What's Your Story, Chorley?

    Words set to come to life



    A FUN festival for all the family is set to make its return to Chorley, and local authors, journalists, travel writers, poets, flash fiction writers, and story tellers are being sought to take part.


    The annual festival, called ‘What’s Your Story Chorley?’, has proved a huge success since its launch in 2014, engaging both children and adults.


    Now its organisers, The Creative Network supported by Chorley Council, are hoping to make this year’s event, on Saturday 1 April, bigger and better than ever and that’s no April fool.


    Councillor Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council said: “We were delighted at how well this festival of words has grown in Chorley over the last couple of years, so we’re looking to have more activities in more venues for this year.


    “Just as our Chorley Live music event has become a hugely popular fixture in Chorley’s calendar, we want What’s Your Story Chorley? to be equally popular with the creative community, with authors and story tellers taking part, keeping visitors and shoppers of all ages spellbound and entertained. I would urge any budding local authors to come forward and get involved with this fantastic festival.


    “It’s all about making things happen in the town centre to get people to visit Chorley and enjoy being in the town centre as well as giving people the opportunity to enjoy something they may not usually have access to.”


    The day will have an April fools theme and activities on the day will include:

    • Storytelling
    • Meet the author events
    • A chance to develop writing skills
    • Poetry reading
    • Dramatic presentations
    • Musical performances
    • Meeting like-minded people
    • Learn about writing groups in the local area

    Nigel Stewart, from The Creative Network, said: “We are looking forward to building on the success of previous year’s events and getting more creative people involved so that we can offer an even wider range of activities for visitors to Chorley to enjoy on the day. As we saw last year, this is an event with something to offer for everyone – young, old, male or female!


    “We’ve already got some exciting authors, writers and story tellers lined up, but we’d love to hear from more, particularly local people. This is a chance for them to showcase their craft in a range of venues in the town centre to a whole new audience for them.


    “If anyone would like to get involved in any way they can contact me by email at info@thecreativenetwork.org.uk or by phone on 07883 181978, or Chorley Council at contact@chorley.gov.uk or 01257 515151.”




    Picture caption: Author and story teller Rogan Mills captivates his audience at Chorley Library during last year’s What’s your story Chorley?


    For more information, please contact Events Coordinator, Pete O’Neill on 01257 515807

    Statement By Lindsay Hoyle MP on Chorley A&E

    "I am very happy with the recommendation that the unit should re-open."



    Chorley A&E Set Re-Open Following Independent Review

    An independent review has recommended that Chorley A&E unit re-opens on a part time basis from January 2017. In August Lindsay Hoyle MP and Council Leader Alistair Bradley met with NHS Improvement after Ministerial intervention and requested an independent review into the closure of Chorley A&E, the review has concluded and released its findings today.


    Following the temporary closure of A&E in April 2016, Lindsay Hoyle immediately lobbied the Department of Health, NHS England and NHS Improvement. He met with Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.


    He has worked on a near daily basis with the local council, the people of Chorley and all stakeholders locally and nationally to bring about a creative and lasting solution to the temporary closure.


    The report has found that:

    • More could have been done by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust to reopen the department sooner
    • NHS England and NHS Improvement expect the A&E unit to reopen in January on a part time basis from 08.00 until 20.00
    • The closure has placed increase pressure on neighbouring A&E units
    • Medical staff from Royal Preston Hospital are available to operate Chorley and South District Hospital A&E unit
    • The unit could feasibly open up sooner if local stakeholders can work together
    • Chorley and South Ribble Hospital serves an expanding population of 220,00 compared with RPH which serves a population of 170,000
    • A long term strategic solution must be considering long term for health care in Lancashire


    Lindsay Hoyle MP said: “I am very happy with the recommendation that the unit should re-open. Since April I’ve been calling for this and I hope that we see action very soon. I know from all of the briefings, documentation and analysis I have seen that the closure of Chorley A&E was brought about by poor recruitment and it has placed an immense burden on neighbouring hospitals.”


    “The people of Chorley have shown their support every Saturday since April – we’ve had the community pull together to support staff and keep up the pressure and profile from the campaign. I thank them for their tireless work. ”


    He urged: “I want the Trust management and the CCG to get behind by this decision, we can’t have an independent review recommend as clearly as we have seen – and yet be ignored. I will be meeting with the Trust as soon as possible to find out why the draft report was completed on 8 September and has only just been published.”


    Fireworks set to return to Chorley's Astley Park

    FAMILIES are invited to gather in Astley Park on Friday 4 November for the return of a fantastic fireworks display and bonfire

    Chorley Council is organising the family event after great feedback from last year with many people saying it was one of the best fireworks displays they had ever seen.

    The event will take place on Astley Park’s playing fields from 6.30pm on Friday 4 November with the bonfire being lit at 7pm and the fireworks display launching at 7.30pm. There will be some food stalls for people to grab a quick bite to eat and attendees are being encouraged to come dressed for the weather and ground conditions.

    For more information on large events and attractions in and around Chorley, visit checkoutchorley.com, like Chorley Council on Facebook, follow @ChorleyCouncil on Twitter or follow @visitchorley on Instagram.. Read More

    Pal on Parade Event

    Saturday 2 July 2016

    Join us at Chorley Town Hall on 2 July at 8pm for the Chorley Pals Memorial. Promises to be an absolutely unforgettable evening. 

    Save Chorley A & E 

    Lindsay Hoyle Speaks Out - We are Here to Stay!

    Here is a short video of Week 7 of our protest.  The video features a short interview with Councillor Kim Snape and MP Lindsay Hoyle.

    Save Chorley A&E: the fight goes on!

    MP seeking date from Trust for return to full A&E services

    The fight to save Chorley A&E goes on as over 400 protesters for the sixth week in a row turned up to voice their concern on Saturday 21 May at Chorley Hospital. Lindsay Hoyle, and local councillors were present once again to lend support. The next protest is at 10am at the hospital on Saturday 28 May. There will also be a march through Chorley to protest against the closure of A&E services on 11 June. More details to follow. Local newspapers are supporting the campaign. Read the Chorley Citizen coverage here 


    Meanwhile Lindsay Hoyle is keeping the pressure up on the Trust by asking for a clear date when full A&E services will be resumed. However, the MP has indicated his concern that Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS has stated in a recent interview that Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust  was "making the right decision about what was needed in Lancashire" in downgrading the A&E Department despite the claims locally from the Trust's Chief Executive Karen Partington that the downgrading is only temporary.


    The only way to get this decision reversed is to keep up the pressure - so please join the protest on Saturday 28 May and the march on 11 June. 

    Breaking News: Labour Hold Chorley Council

    Superb Results Across Chorley for Labour

    Labour have retained control of Chorley Council.  Read full results here http://www.chorley-guardian.co.uk/news/local-elections-full-list-of-candidates-in-chorley-1-7893633

    Update: Protest Continues at Chorley A&E - 7 May - Week 4

    Local Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle fights to Save Vital Service

    Week 4 of the protest against A&E closure at Chorley Hospital is taking place today 7 May from 10am. On 23 April a festival atmosphere was in evidence as the second Saturday protest took place at Chorley Hospital. Over 200 people protested against the axing of A&E services including local councillors Kim Snape, Alistair Bradley and Peter Wilson were out in force along with local MP, Lindsay Hoyle. See our Galley below for more pictures.

    Save A&E at Chorley Hospital

    Labour lead the protests to save 24/7 Accident and Emergency Services

    Local Chorley Labour Party led by Lindsay Hoyle MP have launched a campaign to save A & E services at our hospital. On Saturday 16 April a huge protest conveyed the strength of local feeling and community anger at the Trust's decision. Photo credit: Chorley Citizen via twitter Read More

    Chorley Accident & Emergency Service - 

    A Statement

    Local MP Says Hospital Has Failed The People of Chorley

    Local MP Lindsay Hoyle has condemned management of Chorley Hospital and demands meeting.

    Vote Labour on May 5th

    Labour fighting hard in Local elections in Chorley 

    Labour candidates across Chorley and Lancashire are working hard on the doorstep to help elect as many Labour councillors as possible on 5 May 2016. Contact us below if you can help. 

    NEW: Lindsay Hoyle MP signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment: 

    Wednesday 27th January will mark the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau

    Full Text of News Release from Lindsay Hoyle MP

    26th January 2016 Immediate Release

    Hoyle signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment

    This week Lindsay Hoyle signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging his commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

    Wednesday 27th January will mark the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the largest mass murder in history.

    In the weeks leading up to and after Holocaust Memorial Day, thousands of commemorative events will be arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations across the country, remembering all the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

    After signing the Book of Commitment Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “Holocaust Memorial Day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau – and is an important opportunity to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and make sure they are not forgotten. I encourage all constituents to mark the day and to join members of my community in the fight against prejudice and intolerance.

    In Chorley we have a history of ensuring our community remembers the horrors of the holocaust and I was glad to see so many young people at our remembrance service this year.”

    Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said:

    “We are proud that Lindsay is supporting Holocaust Memorial Day. As we mark the 71st anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and the liberation of the concentration camps, it is vitally important that we both continue to remember and learn from the appalling events of the Holocaust – as well as ensuring that we continue to challenge antisemitism and all forms of bigotry.


    NEW: Lindsay Hoyle MP Slams Broadband Speeds and Calls for OfCom Action

    "Britain needs to start converting to a fully fibre network" says MP

    News Release from Lindsay Hoyle MP

    26th January 2016 Immediate Release

    MP Slams Broadband Speeds and Calls for OfCom Action

    The Rt. Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP has today co-signed a new report from the British Infrastructure Group of MPs (BIG) revealing that despite £1.7bn of taxpayers’ cash being pumped into subsidising the construction of UK high-speed broadband, there are still a staggering 5.7million people across Britain who cannot access the internet at the Ofcom required 10 Megabits per second.

    In 2016 people rightly expect access to high-speed internet connections. Whether at home or work, fast broadband should be a reality in all our communities. Sadly, this is not yet the case. In Chorley people are dealing with some really poor connections and gaps in services. In fact Chorley falls into the bottom 30% of seats for the number of connections with speeds slower than 2Mb/s

    Today’s report, ‘BroadBad’, calls on the regulator Ofcom to take radical action over the ‘natural monopoly’ too long enjoyed by BT Openreach. The comprehensive report, which details connection speeds in every part of the country, argues that given our modern economy being so reliant on the internet, it is time to stop being held back by BT’s lack of ambition and underinvestment.

    The Rt. Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “I believe Britain should be leading the world in digital innovation. Yet instead the Britain suffers from having a BT run monopoly clinging to outdated copper technology with no proper long-term plan for the future. Britain needs to start converting to a fully fibre network so it is not left behind the other nations who are rushing to embrace digital advancement.

    “However, Britain will only achieve this by taking action to open up the sector. Given all the delays and missed deadlines, perhaps only a formal separation of BT from Openreach, combined with fresh competition and a concerted ambition to deliver, will now create the broadband service that our constituents and businesses so rightly demand.”

    Lindsay Hoyle MP Calls On Government Support for Floods

    "Funding packages must be fast tracked"

    News Release from Lindsay Hoyle MP

    29 Dec 2015


    Following the unprecedented rainfall over the last few days and the threat of further rain Lindsay Hoyle has praised the work of the emergency services in Chorley and called on the government to provide more sand bags and vital resources.

    Homes and businesses right across Chorley have been hit hard by flooding and residents are dealing with the aftermath with support from Chorley Council and the emergency services.

    Lindsay Hoyle MP said: “People are working around the clock to try and provide immediate support in areas that have flooded and are liable to flood again. This must be the priority and I thank the emergency services and the volunteers from Chorley who have helped.

    I have been in touch with Chorley Council and the emergency services and relayed their concerns and requests directly to the Secretary of State for the Environment. We need more sandbags and support for clearing roads across the constituency, I believe this is happening as we speak. I will continue to liaise with all and will keep in contact with the government. ”

    Hoyle concluded: “Whilst the immediate threat of flooding must be dealt with first but afterwards the government must sit down with local government to discuss long term investment plans for flood defences across Lancashire. Funding packages must be fast tracked and insurances firms should be ready to pay out promptly.”

    The government has announced a financial support package and details of this can be found https://www.gov.uk/government/news/north-west-england-floods-2015-government-response.

    Labour win Chorley By-Election

    Popular Local Veteran wins by 250 votes - 29 Oct 15

    Coun Gray told the LEP “I’m very pleased. It’s quite a while since I was last on the borough council and I was looking forward to it. I was quite pleased with the result as well, I wasn’t expecting to do that well in a by-election.” Labour retain control of the Council with Labour 31 seats, Conservatives 14 and independent two. Read More

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