• Chorley Labour Party Social Media Platform Moderation Rules

    Posts or comments that are deemed by the administrators to be inappropriate may be moderated. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other abusive/offensive content is unacceptable. Content deemed to fall into these categories will be removed and may result in further action by the page administrators.


    Posts on Chorley Labour social media platforms by party members that are deemed to be in any of the above categories, or are considered potentially damaging or embarrassing to the party will be removed by administrators and reported to the CLP executive.


    Further actions from administrators may be in the form of:

    1) Blocking individuals from access to the page

    2) Reporting Labour Party members to the CLP executive for appropriate action to be taken.

    3) Reporting individuals to the appropriate social media platform, particularly if the post involves hate speech.

    4) Where direct threats are made against an individual or individuals, the post will be reported to the police.

This website is run by Chorley Constituency Labour Party (CLP) which is also the data controller . This website will only collect personal data that you submit and in doing so you are providing it willingly and with consent for the purposes of communication, information and campaigning. Your data may be shared within the CLP but no data will be shared with third parties without your consent. Should you have any concerns about the data we hold, please contact us via the website.